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Andover, MN Appliance Repair

Andover Appliance Repair Have you noticed the fan turning on in your refrigerator more often than usual and an unexpected increased in your electricity bill? Does your oven seem to take longer to heat up than it used to? Do your socks come out of the dryer feeling ever so slightly damp? If you are experiencing any problems similar to these and live in the Andover area, you can either throw out the appliance in question and buy a new one or you can get home appliance repair from American Appliance & Mechanical.

Professional Repairs for Your Most Important Appliances

At American Appliance & Mechanical we have a whip-smart, experienced, and professional team of repair technicians that can fix any problem with your home appliances. Home appliance repairs are always provided swiftly and on your schedule for your convenience and in order to make sure your most important appliances are fully working as soon as possible. Our team provides all of the following repairs:

  • Washer & Dryer - Hoses, motors, pumps, vent lines, and exteriors
  • Ovens - Burners, glass doors, temperature calibration, and gas lines
  • Stovetops - Valves, wiring, burners, and switches
  • Dishwashers - Pump screens, spray arms, hoses, water valves, and wiring
  • Refrigerators - Condensers, drain lines, drip pans, gaskets, and air dampers

Our expert repair technicians will provide repairs, replacement, cleaning, unclogging, de-icing, and calibration as required. At American Appliance & Mechanical we have both the knowledge and the parts to fix almost any home appliance problem.

Same Day Service for Small Appliances

Has the "8" button on your microwave not worked for the past year. With in-house small appliance repairs from American Appliance & Mechanical, you will never face that problem again. Drop off your microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, or other small appliance for small appliance repairs at the start of the business day and we will have it working like brand new by the end of the day. And if that time frame doesn't work for you, call us to make an appointment for the best and fastest repairs in the Andover area.

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