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Fridley, MN Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning has quickly transformed from a luxury into a necessity during summers, especially when temperatures in Fridley soar into the mid-80's. Regular air conditioning repair and maintenance is vital to ensure that it runs smoothly for a long time. A broken down air conditioning unit may seem excruciating, so if you're dealing with one, call the expert technicians at American Appliance & Mechanical to cool down home once again.

Fridley Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioner Repair Warning Signs

Air conditioning units usually display some warning signs before they break down completely. If you notice any of these problems, let the professionals from American Appliance & Mechanical take care of your AC repair needs.

  • Inability to switch on, even when the power is working.
  • Leaks inside and outside the system.
  • Inefficient cooling inside your home.
  • Air conditioner takes a long time to get started.
  • Hot air blows from the unit, instead of cold.
  • Air filters are dirty, affecting the indoor air quality.
  • Loud noises coming from the unit.

These warning signs indicate that your air conditioning unit is about to break down completely. Take advantage of our high-quality experts, as we diagnose and assess your problem thoroughly before arriving at a solution.

Why American Appliance & Mechanical?

American Appliance & Mechanical has been servicing ACs since 1983. That's longer than many lifetimes and we still do it with the same degree of commitment and passion. Our long-lasting market experience for air conditioning repair across Fridley is indicative of our superior knowledge in dealing with all kinds of cooling systems, whether they are window, split or central AC units.

We will diagnose your problem with ease and will offer you budget-friendly solutions every time. Our inspections are comprehensive, covering thermostats, belts, coils, blowers, filters and motors.

Whether you're looking for specialized AC repair, central air repair or preventative maintenance, we have solutions to help you run your cooling system far more efficiently than before.

If you're looking for highly qualified professionals to take care of your air conditioning repair, then rely on American Appliance & Mechanical to handle all your cooling needs. 763-755-0066

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