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Shoreview, MN Appliance Repair

When you aren't expecting it, there is little that is more inconvenient than a dryer that won't spin, a dishwasher that won't start, or an oven that won't heat up. Often this type of inconvenience can prove to be a complete disaster if you haven't given yourself any extra time to get the appropriate chore done. Between the sudden impediment to your day and the potential cost of correcting the problem, appliance failures are devastating. American Appliance & Mechanical, serving Shoreview and the greater Minnesota area, can help prevent a disaster by providing home appliance repairs quickly and at a reasonable price.

Large Appliance Problems Made Small

Shoreview Appliance Repair

At American Appliance & Mechanical, we have the skills, the parts, and the experience to solve your home appliance problems as efficiently as possible. If technicians are available, we can provide home appliance repairs at your Shoreview home within minutes of your call and potentially solve your problem in mere hours. Call us if you need repairs for any of the following appliances:

  • Ovens - We can provide burner repairs, temperature calibration, and glass door cleaning
  • Cooktop - Technicians will check your burners, valves, switches, and wiring in order to fix any and all problems
  • Washer and Dryer - We offer complete washer and dryer repairs and cleaning, including motors and pumps, vent lines, and rubber or steel hoses
  • Refrigerators - Technicians will inspect and clean your drip pans, condenser, drain lines, gaskets, and damper seals, replacing parts only as necessary
  • Dishwasher - Whether we need to unclog lines, clean pump screens, or replace spray arms and water valves, we will have your dishwasher working like new in no time

Small Appliance Repair Services

For small appliance repairs, you don't even need to make an appointment. Simply bring your appliance into our store during morning business hours and by end of the business day, we will have it working like new. When you need small appliance repair work in the Shoreview area quickly, there is no company you can better trust than American Appliance & Mechanical.

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